2021 agricultural machine brand network influences white paper release,Zhonglian Harvester was selected into multiple lists!

2021 agricultural machine brand network influences white paper release,Zhonglian  Harvester was selected into multiple lists!


On January 24,2022, the 2021 agricultural machinery brand network influence white paper was released on the eve of the Northern Little New Year.It is reported that since 2016, this has been the sixth consecutive year that Agricultural Machinery Tong has issued the agricultural machinery brand network influence white paper, which has been very influential in the industry.The 2021 Agricultural Machinery Brand Network Influence White paper, released a total of agricultural machinery enterprises and products of 12 agricultural machinery segments of the network heat list data including tractor, corn harvester, wheeled grain combine harvester, peanut harvester and so on.

As a professional manufacturer of combine harvester with a history of 30 years, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest Machinery Co., Ltd. not only continues the legend of “Xinjiang-2″ wheat machine, but also constantly improves and updates its highly recognized products in both the field of corn harvester and the field of self-propelled peanut harvester.Especially in the field of peanut harvester, it has occupied a leading market position for many consecutive years, and has become a phenomenal product in the current agricultural machinery industry.


In this 2021 Agricultural Machinery Brand Network Impact White Paper, Zhonglian Harvest, as always, occupies the top of the 2021 peanut harvester enterprises list and the 2021 peanut harvester products in 2021, and is far ahead of other brands.It is reported that this is the fourth year thaZhonglian Harvest has won the top crown of the list, which is enough to show the high status of Zhonglian Harvest self-walking peanut picking up machine in the hearts of users.


Although the peanut harvester products harvested by Zhonglian are hard to find rivals in the market, Zhengzhou Zhonglian, in the spirit of “excellence”, upgrades its products in multi-ways every year to continue to meet more needs of users.To this end, in 2022, Zhonglian Harvest launched a new 20224HJL-6 self-walking peanut pickup harvester.


In terms of harvest efficiency, the peanut pickup machine is standard with 175 horsepower famous engine, users can choose Yuchai or Dongfanghong engine according to their own needs, stronger power; fruit picking room cutting + vertical axial flow fruit picking system, high harvest efficiency, less fragmentation, use longer screening box, effectively reduce miscellaneous content and loss rate, increase cleaning fan, cleaner; steering system using double cylinder steering, increase cylinder stroke, smaller turning radius, improve straw fan speed, higher grass efficiency, effectively improve operation efficiency; standard closed edge reduction, optimize speed ratio, improve operation and transfer speed.

Quality and reliability aspects, The selection screening box of Zhonglian Harvest 20224HJL-6 peanut picking harvester adopts active sieve, Easy to use for replacement and repair; Classic two-cylinder fruit box, Stable and reliable; Using a new plate-wing-type water tank, Better heat dissipation effect; Match with the reinforced chassis, The whole machine stability is better; Transmission clutch friction sheet is increased to 275mm, Transmission is more reliable, Adapt to all kinds of harsh road conditions; Binput middle shaft of draft fan, Increase the transmission sprockets, Grass exhaust fan transmission is more reliable, longer life; Expand the bridge, Feed in smoothly, Avoid blocking during a large feeding amount; Folfolding front ladder, Better through sex; Increase the hydraulic fuel tank, The hydraulic system has a better heat dissipation.


In terms of driving comfort, Zhonglian Harvest 20224HJL-6 peanut pickup machine adopts new design large cab, add side seat, more beautiful and practical, better sealing; optional solenoid valve operation, comfortable and simple operation; optional rear drive, adapt to complex terrain such as sand and muddy ground.

In addition to peanut harvesting machine, Zhonglian wheat harvesting machine, as the inheritor of “Xinjiang-2″ wheat machine, has been bringing new over the years, telling the legend of “Xinjiang series” wheat machine.The Zhonglian Harvest 4LZ-8B1 (Xinjiang 8) grain combine harvester, which was intensively developed in 2021, has been loved and praised by many users as soon as it was launched.As a result, Xinjiang-8 also won the third place in the 2021 wheeled harvester product network heat list.


In 2022, Zhonglian Harvest launched two new products,Zhonglian Harvest 20224LZ-9B (Xinjiang-9B) fully fed grain combine harvester andZhonglian Harvest 20224LZ-9L (Xinjiang-9L) self-propelled grain combine harvester.

It is reported that Zhonglian Harves20224LZ-9B (Xinjiang-9B) fully fed grain combine harvester adopts shear flow + horizontal axial flow drum threshing separation technology, with strong threshing ability and complete material separation.The whole machine structure design is reasonable, convenient maintenance.Adopt a new peripheral design, beautiful lines, practical and beautiful.The main harvest of wheat and the replacement parts can combine rice, soybean, rape, coarse grains, corn grains, etc., which is suitable for cross-regional operation in most regions of China.The engine power is increased to 200 horsepower, increase the frequency conversion function, higher fuel economy.Power output even group strip, walking strip, threshing drum strip are all used in red standard, increase the service life, reduce the replacement cycle, economic and more efficient.Middle shaft, roller shaft, fan, bridge main and passive shaft and other parts of the Peel maintenance-free bearing, greatly reduce the user maintenance time.Using a new circular arc cab, increase the cab space, cab dust-proof, anti-noise sealing treatment, with the aviation seat, driving comfort is higher.


The 20224LZ-9L (Xinjiang-9L) self-propelled grain combine harvester adopts the shear flow + vertical axial flow cylinder separation separation technology, which has strong threshing ability and more complete material separation.The whole machine is compact, practical and beautiful, widely adapted for the efficient harvest of the whole region, whole time and whole crop.One machine is multi-used, can combine wheat, rice, millet, sorghum, corn grain, soybean and other different crops, a wider range of operations, higher income.


When it comes to the 4YZ-3W corn harvester, the users in the Central Plains are certainly familiar with it. The product was developed in order to adapt to the characteristics of small corn planting plots in the Central Plains.The product won the second place in the corn harvester product network heat list in 2021.According to Zhonglian technicians, in 2022, Zhonglian Harvest will also launch a new corn harvester product, which will become another phenomenal product on the market.


As the 2021 agricultural machinery brand network influence white paper, for the agricultural machinery industry, 2021 is a difficult year, regardless of the old and new machine subsidy policy alternate factors, said raw materials crazy prices, the second half of electricity limit, epidemic, most of the country operation season flood and other sudden factors, from different dimensions to agricultural machinery industry enough to shake the development trend.However, with its excellent strength, Zhonglian Harvest adheres to the core values of “pursuing quality excellence and innovation-driven development”. Through continuous innovation and upgrading of products, it creates more value for users, and has successfully achieved the rise against the trend!

In 2022, Zhonglian Harvest will continue to adhere to the purpose of “serving agriculture and creating value for customers”, carry forward the corporate spirit of “integrity, dedication, cooperation and innovation”, adhere to the core values of “pursuing quality excellence and innovation-driven development”, stay true to its original aspiration, and forge ahead.In the future, Zhonglian Harvest will continue to dig deeply into the agricultural machinery industry, and make new contributions to China’s agricultural mechanization and the realization of rural revitalization!













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