Cam slide picker, dry and wet peanut, this peanut machine wins in technical details

In the automotive industry, there is a “marketing Toyota, technology Honda” said that although the technology of the two big coffee is not bad, in fact Toyota is better at marketing, however, car buyers are more willing to own a Honda It seems that I feel more face-to-face in the industry. Marketing and technical disputes also have typical cases in the agricultural machinery industry. Zhengzhou Zhonglian is like a “Honda”. Relying on the technology accumulation on harvesting machinery, it has finally gained a reputation on the peanut harvester. This also allows farmers friends to harvest machinery in the brand in the future. On the other hand, there is one more option.

Zhonglian harvested 4HZJ-2500 peanut machine technology wins in what respects? Below, through the analysis of the structure of the peanut machine feeding system structure,let’s know it.

First, they are all cam slide pickers, but the operation results are very different. In fact, the technology here is not simple. Only by accurately designing and mastering its motion trajectory can we pick up exactly the same. Don't think it's easy, what's behind the test is the manufacturer's understanding and long-term accumulation of technology.

The picking table is actually one of the feeding and feeding mechanisms of the peanut machine. It consists of pickers, pressure rollers, feeding augers, picking shields and other components. These components are distributed from bottom to top according to the designed transmission relationship. The picking table body is welded closed. The popular point of this table body is the "keel" of the picking table, which is responsible for supporting the picking table and keeping the structure stable. The rear of the picking table is connected to the conveying trough, and is integrally connected to the front of the host chassis.