Cam slide picker, this peanut machine wins in technical details

What is the technical win of Zhonglian’s 4HZJ-2500 peanut machine? In the following, the editor analyzed the structure of this peanut machine feeding system to make it happen.


First of all, they are all cam slide rail pickers, but the results are very different? In fact, the technology here is not simple. Only by leading to the accurate design and mastery of the motion trajectory, can it be picked up exactly. Don’t think it’s easy, what’s behind the test is the manufacturer’s understanding and long-term accumulation of technology.

The picking table is actually one of the feeding and feeding mechanisms of the peanut machine. It consists of pickers, pressure rollers, feeding augers, picking shields and other components. These components are distributed from bottom to top according to the designed transmission relationship. The picking table body is welded closed. The popular point of this table body is the “keel” of the picking table, which is responsible for supporting the picking table and keeping the structure stable. The rear of the picking table is connected to the conveying trough, and is integrally connected to the front of the host chassis.


Zhonglian harvester 4HZJ-2500 peanut machine picking table, cam slide type, length 2500mm. For farmers’ friends, when choosing a peanut machine, you must first look at the pick-up table, evaluate the superiority of the pick-up table, first look at the operation effect, and second look at the stability of the operation.

The reporter may first describe the basic principle of the picking device: when the harvester replaces the stripped peanut crops and advances, the picking teeth pick up the peanut crops from the ground to the picking table, and then feed the crops to the auger to collect the crops. The feeding trough feeds the inlet, thereby realizing the function that the crops picked up by the picking table pass through the feeding trough and are quickly conveyed to the fruit picking room. In fact, the technical principle is very simple. Through a cam slide picker, one curve transmission is realized, and each picking action is completed. It can be directly seen that the key technology is the mastery of the motion curve. Whoever the designer has more massive data accumulation, whose manufacturing level of the cam slide picker is high, and whose quality is even better.


Zhengzhou Zhonglian reassures consumers, because as a professional harvest machinery manufacturer, they may change in some aspects as advanced parts, and master the reasons. For some homework effects, there are three indicators:

Zhengzhou Zhonglian, as a professional harvesting machine manufacturer, the strongest competition is to master the key technologies. The peanut machine works on the ground after the excavation. The ground is relatively soft, which can keep the spring wire of the picker to fit the ground at all times. The overall pressure roller is consistent with the ground, avoiding weeds and crop twisting. The feeding can be smooth, the loss rate will be reduced, and the picking operation can be completed without omissions at a higher efficiency than normal speed. This is the key technology of professional manufacturers, which cannot be copied.

The second is more complete. We know that when a mechanical mechanism does work, fewer parts means less wear and tear, and more service and maintenance costs. In the following picking distance, through the optimized combination of the inner cam outer slide picker, the pressure feed roller, and the feeding auger, the picking speed and the displacement speed are matched to the maximum extent, and the noise of the parts is smaller and the wear between each other , And to adapt to a wider range of operating speed, larger feeding volume, more complete pick up.


The third is stronger adaptability. Users can adjust the gap between parts to make the peanut machine more adaptable. First, the gap (about 15-20mm) between the blade of the feeding auger and the cutting board can be adjusted to ensure that the feeding of the auger to the crop is more uniform and smooth; when the peanut stem is tall or aligned, the gap should be enlarged. When the peanut stems are short and sparse, the gap is reduced. The second is that the gap between the retractable teeth and the pick-up table (about 10mm) is adjustable. The retractable rack should be as small as possible to increase its grasping capacity; the retractable rack should be retracted as far as possible to avoid tangling the grass. , Back to grass phenomenon.


The safety lock provided under the peanut machine picking table can realize the safety protection function during maintenance, adjusting the height of the picking teeth and road displacement, so as to be foolproof, for safety, you can stop the engine and remove the engine key. At the same time, the accessory of the picking table is provided with a leak hole to remove impurities, prevent blockages, and clear them in time.

Secondly, as for the bridge, the conveying trough is a key component of the feeding system. Its function is to quickly transport the peanut crops sent from the picking table to the fruit picking room. The conveying trough is actually a transmission device consisting of “chain” and “insertion”. It consists of conveying trough body, conveying chain, conveying insert teeth, conveying active shaft assembly, conveying passive shaft assembly, front and rear adjustment levers and other components.


Judging a good standard for the trough should be smooth running, difficult to insert, and uniform feeding amount, which is also the guarantee of the quality of fruit picking and separation. How do farmers judge the quality of a conveying trough and its assembly quality when purchasing a peanut machine? There are two steps: first, static observation. The conveyor roller can be assembled and floated freely. The tension of the left and right chains is uniform. The active and passive shafts should be installed in parallel. The passive shaft should be freely floating. The tightness of the clamping of the bridge chain is the same.20 -35mm is appropriate; second, the whole machine runs.




Finally, it is explained that the function of the conveying trough is only one, which is to solve the problem of unsmooth feeding at the feeding inlet and the phenomenon of crop return during insertion, and to maintain the uniformity of crop feeding. In practical applications, when farmers encounter the left-tooth belt crops, they should timely check whether the upper edge of the output port is deformed and whether the gap is uniform. If they are not consistent, they should be repaired in time.

Post time: Dec-31-2019