Chang Lihe: The Secret of Getting Rich as the Captain of the First Cross-District Service Team

Chang Lihe: The Secret of Getting Rich as the Captain of the First Cross-District Service Team


Kaifeng City, Henan Province is located in the Central Plains and is known as the “Ancient Capital of Eight Dynasties”. It is the main planting and exporting base for wheat, corn, peanuts, garlic, watermelon, etc. The peanut planting area is about 103,000 hectares. Chang Lihe, who lives in Xiangfu District, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, is 32 years old this year. Although he is young, he is never sloppy in his actions. Since he bought the Zhonglian peanut harvester for cross-regional operation in 2018, many people have come here to join his cross-regional operation service team. What exactly does he have? Magic attracts more and more people to join his cross-regional operation service team?

Chang Lihe worked abroad before working in the agricultural machinery industry. After getting married and having children, he wanted to start his own business while he was young. Chang Lihe inspected many projects and wanted to find a career with development prospects. During this period, he was very interested in agriculture. It just so happened that his brother-in-law was also doing agricultural materials wholesale. In 2016, he started his agricultural materials wholesale business with his brother-in-law.


During the agricultural business, he also gained some understanding of crop harvesting, and also did the peanut threshing business. Speaking of the peanut industry, he said that he was particularly impressed by Zhonglian Harvest. In 2017, he saw the scene of Zhonglian’s peanut harvesters in the local area, “I was peeling peanuts at home, and I heard that there was a large machine in the field that directly retracted and unraveled, so I went to see it on a motorcycle. “Chang Lihe sighed, “Watching the harvester run from the beginning to the end, the peanuts can be loaded into the truck and packed, which saves a lot of effort for farmers and friends.” He put his attention on the understanding of the product performance of Zhonglian’s peanut harvesters and felt that it was good in all aspects.

Before the peanut harvesting season in 2018, he and three friends bought 3 sets of Zhonglian peanut harvesters, and Chang Lihe led the team to start cross-regional operations. From Xiangyang Yicheng, Kaifeng, Xinxiang Yanjin, and Hebei, from south to north, about 1,800 acres of work have been done, because peanut growers in various regions recognize the Zhonglian peanut harvesters, and Chang Lihe harvested cleanly and worked well. He has also done his due diligence and won the recognition of many peanut farmers. He trusts his team very much and has made appointments with him for the coming year. The peanut harvester by Zhonglian was used at the roll call, and Chang Lihe’s team was asked to collect the peanuts.


In the first year, Chang Lihe brought his friends back to his original business and made a lot of money. After returning from the cross-regional operation, Chang Lihe was running the agricultural materials business while planning to buy a few more peanut machines across the region in the coming year. During this period, someone contacted him and wanted to cross the district together. Chang Lihe felt that since people were willing to let him lead the team, it was because of their trust in him. He wanted to do this business beautifully and be worthy of those who were willing to believe him.

In 2019, Chang Lihe proposed another Zhonglian peanut harvester for cross-regional operations. Once at about 10 o’clock in the evening, his car had a problem during work, and he called the after-sales service staff of Zhengzhou Zhonglian. The staff was very patient and taught him how to solve the problem. He didn’t hang up until the problem was solved for him. . Such a service attitude moved Chang Lihe very much. “I choose Zhonglian because of the high quality of Zhonglian’s products and the thoughtful service.”

In 2020, Chang Lihe proposed another new car. At this time, there were more than 20 friends working with him across regions, which filled him with a sense of responsibility. It is precisely because Chang Lihe trusts the product quality of Zhonglian Harvest and is willing to lead more agricultural machinery operators who choose Zhonglian peanut harvesters to work, so that his cross-regional operation service team is growing and his business is getting bigger and bigger.


This year is about to come to the peanut harvest season again, and Chang Lihe is also organizing friends in the team to maintain the car in advance to prepare for the cross-regional service. “In the past two days, our dealer has 22 models of existing harvesters. I went to see them and want to buy another one.”

Chang Lihe drives the Zhonglian peanut harvesters, not only to become rich himself, but also to lead more people to become rich, and also attract more and more people to join his cross-regional operation service team. Zhengzhou Zhonglian has always attached importance to product quality and product innovation, and has always adhered to the concept of serving the majority of users and friends, leading more agricultural machinery operators to achieve a win-win situation. Zhengzhou Zhonglian Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to product quality and innovation, with the purpose of “serving agriculture and creating value for users”, and working with the majority of agricultural machinery operators to win together–Contribute to Chinese agriculture.


Post time: Aug-15-2022