CHMC Zhonglian Tips for penut harvester operation.

I. Preparation before homework
1. In order to be able to work safely, please read the manual carefully to master the use of the machine.
2. Before starting the engine, the main clutch should be placed in the [Neutral] position, and the horn should be sounded for warning
3. When starting the engine indoors, because the gas discharged by the engine is easy to accumulate in the room, it is easy to cause exhaust gas poisoning, so it must
Strengthen indoor ventilation to ensure indoor air circulation.
4. In order to avoid possible injury accidents, during cleaning, inspection and adjustment, the main clutch must be separated and the gear shifter must be operated
Put the handle in the [Neutral] position, turn off the engine and remove the key, and then pull the power switch handle to the [OFF] position.
II. When walking and working
1. When starting to move forward or backward, before closing the main clutch, the horn must be sounded to warn to confirm whether the surroundings are safe and not allowed
Others approach the machine,
2. Due to the danger of dumping or overturning, do not drive on steep roads, roadsides, soft roads and cliffs.
3. When moving and walking, the header should be raised and the safety card should be locked.
4. When moving and walking, the engine speed should be above 1400 rpm,
5. When walking on the road, when you need to turn, you should pay attention to the spot check, turn the steering switch to the direction you want to turn, and operate slowly.
6. When you need to stop, step on the walking clutch pedal, place the speed checker in the [Neutral] position, and turn off the engine.
7. During harvesting operations, the appropriate operating speed should be selected according to the land conditions and crop yields, and the ratio of grass to grain.
Cause accidents and unstable performance.
8. When outside harvesting operations (crossing the ridge, moving and walking, transportation, warehousing), all grains that have been harvested should be discharged
In the granary, put the main clutch to the [OFF] position.
9.The chaff and straw that fall on the machine during the operation should be cleaned up in time after the machine is shut down to avoid fire.
1. Pull the hand throttle to the minimum position.
2. Pull out the stall handle to stall the engine.
3. Remove the start key.
IIII.The parking of the harvester
1. Do not park on straws and weeds to avoid fire.
2. When leaving the harvester, you must lower the header, turn off the engine, remove the start key, and remove the power switch handle
Pull it to the {OFF} position, place the shift lever in the [Neutral] position, and place the clutches in the [OFF] position.
3.When parking on a slope, the handbrake must be tightened, and anti-skid measures should be taken with a stop block.

V.The upper and lower loading and unloading of the harvester
During the loading and unloading process of the combine harvester, in order to avoid the danger of overturning and falling, the following points must be observed:
1. When loading the vehicle, select [I gear] or [Reverse gear] according to the loading method.
2. Select low gear and operate slowly with low throttle,
3. When the harvester is on the loading and unloading board, do not slam the direction. If it is necessary to adjust the direction, you must return to the ground and adjust the direction.
Backward, then proceed with loading and unloading.
4. In the process of loading and unloading, avoid sudden braking to cause the hazard of turning over and causing the body to fall. Therefore, do not stop during loading and unloading.
Car brakes,
4.The length of the loading and unloading plate used should be more than 4 times the height of the carriage platform, and the structure should have anti-skid function.

VI.The transportation of the harvester
When transporting by truck, the material platform must be lowered to the lowest level, and the parking brake must be fixed.
Tie and fasten the truck at each hook position (do not fix it at a position other than the hook, which will damage the parts).



Post time: Oct-13-2020