Basic Maintenance of Wheat Harvesters

The wheat harvest is about to start. Before the harvester starting, the whole machine must be thoroughly inspected. Below are some specific inspection items.


Power: After the engine works for one season, the oil should be replaced in time. Check whether the oil, diesel and cooling water are charged. Replace or clean the air filter element.
Electrical aspects: Check whether the battery is fully charged, whether the line connector is in good contact, and there is a wireless road aging or not.


Transmission: Check the drive chains and belt tightness condition, check whether the gearbox gear oil is sufficient. Each transmission bearing grease is applied to the drive chain and parts that are prone to wear.


Hydraulic part: Check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, and whether the hydraulic joints are loose or oily.
Rack section: Check whether the rack, the bottom of the header, the axial flow chamber, etc. are open or deformed.

Post time: Jun-28-2019