Harvesting peanuts, choose CHMC Zhonglian Peanut Harvester


Ren Chaoxiao, a villager of Cai Gou Town, Shangcai County, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, has been operating agricultural machinery for more than ten years, and is considered an experienced veteran agricultural mechanic. At present, Ren Chaoxiao operating a peanut picker harvester, a wheat harvester and a corn harvester, mainly to harvest operations.
Among the several harvesters operated by Ren ChaoXiao, Zhonglian harvest peanut picker harvester, although a very short time, but the annualized income brought to him is very high, is also a machine that allows him to especially save his mind. It is reported that this Zoomlion harvest peanut pick-up harvester purchased in 2020, last year an operating season dry more than a month, the net income of up to more than 100,000 yuan, not only to recover the purchase cost, but also for Ren Chaoxiao earned a lot of profit.


I have been raising agricultural machinery for more than a decade, wheat machine, corn machine is considered the longest operating time, really did not expect to buy last year’s Zoomlion harvest peanut machine earnings are so high, a device is basically equivalent to the earnings of wheat machine and corn machine combined. And I have not cross-area operations, are operating around the village.” Ren Chaoxiao lamented.
Zhonglian harvest peanut picking harvester can achieve such good returns, Ren Chaoxiao believes that there are two main reasons. First, the quality of Zoomlion harvest peanut picking harvester is particularly stable. “I operated more than 1 month last year, basically every day is more than 10 hours of workload, busy time often to work until one or two o’clock at night, the most one day we operated more than 100 acres. In this high-intensity operation, Zoomlion harvesting peanut machine is really too powerful, no exaggeration, I have not changed a screw, an after-sales service is not used. I have been operating the harvester for so many years, I really have not seen such reliable quality vehicles.” Obviously, it is in the reliable quality of Zoomlion Harvest peanut picker harvester that Ren Chaoxiao can guarantee such a long operating time and achieve such good returns.


Secondly, the harvesting effect is very good. It is reported that in order to guarantee the harvesting effect, Zoomlion harvest peanut picking harvester adopts a new type of fruit picking system, with high efficiency, stronger adaptability and lower crushing rate. In this regard, Ren Chaoxiao deeply felt: “Zoomlion harvest peanut machine harvesting effect how good, I give an example you will know. We have a peanut machine of other brands in the next village, but the crushing rate is too high, and people in their village see the harvesting effect of Zoomlion peanut harvesting machine, they all come to me to harvest. Even though that person pressed the operation price to 80 an acre and I was 100 an acre, the growers in their village still let me harvest, which is enough to show how good the harvesting effect of Zoomlion harvesting peanut machine is!”


As for the harvesting speed, although not as good as the wheat harvester, but also let Ren Chao smile very satisfied. “Peanut picker it is, after all, to pick up the picking fruit, unlike the wheat harvester has been running on the line, I generally second gear operation, harvesting efficiency is actually very good. Because it has to take into account the harvesting effect, so drive too fast certainly not.”

With a good performance in 2020, Ren Chaoxiao is ready to mention another Zoomlion harvest peanut picker harvester in 2021. “I started to pay attention to the new 4HJL-2.5 self-propelled peanut picker harvester from Zhengzhou Zhonglian factory very early this year, and many upgrades have been made on the basis of the 2020 model. The most important thing for me is that the maintenance-free bearings have increased from 6 to 15 in the old model, which can effectively reduce our maintenance costs for the whole vehicle. And 2021 peanut harvester cab upgraded to a better closed luxury cab, the view is very open, the closure is particularly good, can effectively reduce the dust and noise to bring harm to the mechanic. These improvements are particularly practical, Zhengzhou Zoomlion manufacturers are really thinking about our users.” When it comes to the advantages of Zhonglian Harvest 2021 model 4HJL-2.5 self-propelled peanut picker harvester, Ren Chaoxiao is simply as precious as a family.

Ren Chaoxiao is only one of the many representatives of the peanut picker harvesters in Shangcai County, it is reported that the market share of the peanut picker harvesters in Shangcai County has reached more than 70%, becoming a very popular brand of peanut picker harvesters.

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Post time: Dec-20-2021