How to choose the harvester engine

It is well known that whether it is a wheat harvester, a corn harvester, or a peanut harvester, high horsepower is better than small horsepower. A large part of the horsepower comes from the engine. Therefore, when buying a harvester, we also have to choose a good engine. So how to choose the engine of agricultural machinery? Let’s talk with you today:

1. Product brand awareness.

The accuracy and performance of the engine of the harvester are good or bad, ask more farmers friends around. Whose diesel is famous? The great reputation also represents the recognition of this diesel engine.

2. Product technology advancement and applicability.

Advanced and applicable diesel engines are generally special diesel engines developed for the application field of the supporting main engine. In research and development, it reflects the advanced level of the contemporary. At the same time, the products are continuously improved to keep pace with the application of modern international advanced technology.

3. Product dynamics, economy and environmental adaptability.

Agricultural machinery products such as harvesters have a harsh working environment. Frequent bumps and bumps in the work, resistance and other phenomena are often encountered. Products with good dynamic performance can be easily overcome due to the high power and torque reserve ratio, and maintain stable speed to ensure the quality of work.

4. Timeliness of service and parts supply.

Nobody waits during farming. Harvesters and other agricultural machines have short field operations throughout the year. High-intensity continuous use during the day and night will inevitably cause problems with the machine. The key is that during the busy agricultural season, the service of the manufacturer must be in place, and the accessories can be purchased on site。

Everyone wants to buy a durable, fuel-efficient harvester. But as the engine of the heart, after all, it is a high-tech product. Ordinary people lack the corresponding professional knowledge, which makes it more difficult to identify the pros and cons. Therefore, choosing a guaranteed harvester manufacturer will reduce a lot of trouble. Do not delay more because it is cheaper.



Post time: Mar-09-2020