Huge fan of Zhonglian Harvester: “Fate” from Xinjiang-2 and “Inherited” from Xinjiang- 9L

Huge fan of Zhonglian Harvester: “Fate” from Xinjiang-2 and “Inherited” from Xinjiang- 9L


    When interviewing Xie Sunan in Henan by telephone, he was about to return to his hometown in Henan from Zhejiang to prepare for the summer harvest. Although Xie Sunan is young, he has been using the products produced by Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester for 22 years. Destiny started with the Xinjiang-2 purchased in 2000. In the past 22 years, I have purchased Xinjiang-5, 7 and other products one after another. This year, I purchased the “inherited” Xinjiang-9L wheat harvester again.

01.Accompanying “inherited” in Xinjiang-2

Xie has already purchased and used the full range of Zhonglian Harvester, but the scene of purchasing the new products of Zhonglian Harvester more than 20 years ago is still vivid in his mind: “The Xinjiang-2 I purchased in 2000 had a yellow cab and a green body; the Xinjiang-2 I bought in 2003 had a red body and a white cab, and later I bought a second-hand Xinjiang-5, 7, and now the 9L.” My parents accompanied Xie from a young boy to the pillar of the family. Growing up, products of Zhonglian Harvester accompanied Xie Sunan from a “little white” to a “multi-faceted” agricultural machinery veteran.

     In order to let his family live a good life, Xie Sunan chose to go south to work with people from the same village. He only returned to his hometown to help during the busy farming season, and as the season went on, he became more and more concerned: “My parents are older, and the family has more than 100 acres of land, although I came back during the busy farming season, there are a lot of chores, and my parents are unable to cope.” Xie also had the idea of staying in his hometown for more time.

     In 2022, Xie plans to purchase new agricultural machinery to pave the way for returning home. The category that Xie prioritizes buying is wheat machines. The reason is that Henan is the main wheat-producing area, and wheat machines are just needed. Able to cross districts around. The selection of equipment is also quite simple. Xie, who has worked in the city for many years, has the biggest hobby in his spare time is to brush short videos of agricultural machinery. At the beginning of the year, he paid attention to the newly launched products of Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester “in the same line” with the Xinjiang series wheat machines,Xinjiang-9L harvester. Based on the trust in Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester for more than 20 years, Xie quickly paid the deposit and mentioned the new car in March.


02. “Inheritance” in the same vein, Xinjiang-9L

 Every year, the iterative version of the Xinjiang wheat machine launched by Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester will achieve good sales and market response. After the launch of this year’s Xinjiang-9L , all major agents of Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester have achieved good sales. In the fiercely competitive wheat machine market It is not easy to have such a performance. In addition to the fact that there are a large number of loyal fans of Xinjiang series wheat machines in the market, more importantly, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester continues to update the products. 

    The Xinjiang-9L product launched this year is aimed directly at cross-regional users. Its products adapt shear flow and longitudinal axial flow, double drum threshing separation technology, and can harvest wheat, sorghum and other crops at the same time, allowing cross-regional users to work longer throughout the year and have a shorter payback period.


03.The Service of Zhonglian Harvester Upgraded

Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of harvesting machinery for 30 years. Its products include harvesting machines such as wheat machines, corn machines, and peanut machines. Its representative product, Xinjiang series wheat harvesters, is widely used in some areas due to its stability and adaptability. High market share, its ace product self-propelled peanut picker has a market share of 45%, and some markets have an astonishing 90% market share.

In 2020, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester will set up the “Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester Agricultural Machinery User Club” at the National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition and provide “24-hour arrival service”. “Various service channels will be set up during the harvest season to ensure online 60-second response and offline 24-hour arrival. Service. Make sure that everyone can buy and use the products of Zhonglian Harvester with confidence.

    In 2021, in order to ensure the implementation of the promised services, Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvester will increase the construction of sales and service outlets, and set up hundreds of customer reception centers and dozens of spare parts warehouses across the country, so that customers can experience the test machine nearby.






Post time: Apr-09-2022