In order to have high quality, high configuration and good service, it is necessary to drive comfortably. Let’s see how the “post-90s” new farmers choose peanut harvesters.

In order to have high quality, high configuration and good service, it is necessary to drive comfortably. Let’s see how the “post-90s” new farmers choose peanut harvesters.


     Daming County, Handan City, Hebei Province is located in the southeastern part of Hebei Province, at the junction of Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces. It is known as the hometown of peanuts in China. It is also one of the top 100 counties for oil crops in China. Ranked first in North China. As the largest peanut producing county in Hebei Province, Daming County regards the peanut industry as a leading industry for poverty alleviation and economic revitalization, planting high-quality varieties and extending the industrial chain. Peanut beans have become the “golden beans” for farmers to get rich.

    Li Jinkai, who lives in Zhaitan Village, Zhangtieji Township, Daming County, Handan City, Hebei Province, is a “post-90s” new farmer. As we all know, new agricultural machinery technology is more popular for the new generation of new farmers, and this Li is the same. “As a post-90s generation, I still remember the scene of artificially harvesting wheat every summer. The scorching sun and sweating rain are my childhood memories, so I have a special affection for harvesters since I was a child. Because of this, When I started to take over the baton from my predecessors, I knew the importance of agricultural machinery. In my family, a large proportion of peanuts are grown in agriculture. In the past few years, peanuts were not like wheat and corn, and mechanized harvesting was very difficult. Mature, basically relying on labor, peanut harvesting machine is in great demand. After I decided to buy a peanut harvester, I did some market research. “


    Li emphasized earnestly: “For peanut machines, there is actually one indicator that can best test the strength of the manufacturer, and that is the applicability of peanut machines, which is very important, especially for users who work across regions like us. Therefore, in the early stage, I investigated the models of several brands. From the results, whether it is dry picking or wet picking. Zhonglian Harvest peanut machines can be used freely, and their performance is very eye-catching among similar products. , the applicability is particularly strong. At that time, I saw with my own eyes the scene of the Zhonglian Harvest peanut harvesting machine used by other users, the seedlings were picked up cleanly, the separation was complete, and the fruit damage and loss were very small, and the owner told me that this machine The failure rate is very small, and the after-sales service is also very thoughtful, so I made up my mind to buy the 2020 Zhonglian Harvest peanut machine. After my actual work, the effect is really good, the farmers are very satisfied, and the failure rate is indeed very high. Low, other brands of machines are always lying on the nest, and my machine has nothing. After a whole working season last year, the benefits were very satisfactory to me, so in 21 years, I decisively bought another one and two. Working together with the machines, although it is more difficult, has greatly improved my income.

    “One more thing, we attach great importance to the driving experience.” Li continued, “As a ‘new farmer’ in the new era, we pay more attention to the product configuration as a production tool such as agricultural machinery, and the product quality must be excellent. , The configuration must be sufficient, the after-sales must be reliable, and the driving must be comfortable. As far as I know at the time, the peanut machine produced by Zhonglian Harvest has become a leading brand in the peanut machine market in just a few years, so Zhonglian Harvest harvested this company. The products of the harvester must be outstanding. In 2020, the company carried out ’100 promotion training sessions’, of which we held one here. According to the manufacturer, the outsourced parts used by this harvester are basically They are all international first-class and domestic best brands, which meet the requirements of excellent quality; and the core components such as engine power, pick-up table and threshing drum are all independently developed and designed. After a lot of improvements and upgrades, advanced technology, reliable use and high configuration; operation During the season, after-sales service personnel are stationed on the front line to provide nanny-style services to meet the after-sales guarantee; coupled with the strong sealing of the cab, the comfortable seat, the display screen can display various working conditions and real-time images of the machine in real time, and the air conditioner is equipped to meet the requirements. It is comfortable to drive, so it can be said that this peanut machine harvested by Zhonglian Harvest meets all my needs.


    When it comes to this year’s autumn harvest plan, the “post-90s” brother has a lot of plans, “If the epidemic situation improves, I plan to continue to work across regions this year, and I heard that this year, Zhonglian Harvest has new products, the new ‘H6′ The model peanut machine not only improves the chassis, the cab is placed in the middle, and the fruit picking room has also been upgraded. The shear flow and longitudinal axial flow fruit picking system it adopts will have higher harvesting efficiency and lower breakage rate, so I have plans to buy it again. One, when the three machines work together, it will be more efficient and will bring me more benefits. I think whether you are a cooperative or a brother who returned to his hometown to start a business, as long as you are interested in the current or future market prospects for agricultural machinery operations , then it must be a wise move to buy a peanut machine from Zhonglian Harvest.


Post time: Jun-05-2022