It is my ideal to take root in the field of agricultural machinery circulation

It is my ideal to take root in the field of agricultural machinery circulation


Today is a sunny day, reflecting people’s passion and vigor to the fullest. Shi Li, a distributor of Zhonglian Harvest in Tongxu County, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, also opened its doors with enthusiasm. Shi Li is in his 40s this year, but he has been rooted in the field of agricultural machinery services for more than 20 years. He deeply loves the agricultural machinery industry.

It is understood that Shili’s Tongxu County Tianli Agricultural Machinery Sales Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. Before the establishment of the company, Shili operated harvesters for several years and was busy in the fields. Because he loved machinery since he was a child, he felt that agricultural machinery would make farmers’ work less hard, so he had the idea to enter the field of agricultural machinery circulation and promote agricultural machinery products, so that more farmers could free their hands and harvest easily.


When it comes to setting up a company, Shi Li also has his own plans. He thinks that starting a family and starting a business is the mainstay of every family. . With the understanding of agricultural machinery products, the company quickly got on the right track, mainly engaged in various types of harvesters.

Shili will personally inspect the agricultural machinery products he manages. He believes that quality is the first standard. He has always known that Zhonglian has been established for 30 years. The earliest popular Xinjiang-2 was manufactured by Zhengzhou Zhonglian and has its own rich accumulation , has its own R&D team in the field of agricultural machinery and the product quality is very guaranteed, so I want to promote Zhengzhou Zhonglian’s products locally. In 2008, after many times of communication, he came to the factory for on-site inspection, and after having a detailed understanding of the manufacturer’s production process, he strengthened his idea of  cooperation and successfully reached a cooperation agreement.


Since Shili brought Zhonglian Harvest products to the company, farmers have come to see the harvesters every day, and the sales are very fast, because farmers trust the Zhonglian Harvest brand very much and know that the products are of good quality and harvested quickly. According to a rough estimate, more than 50 units can be sold every year, which has won the trust of more and more users in the local area.

Shi Li said: “It’s right to be the agent of Zhonglian Harvest Brand. Most of the users who buy the harvester are going to work across regions with others. After returning, they all report that the product is really good, not only of good quality, but also the service is very thoughtful. While making money, let them go out to work to save worry and effort.”

Shi Li also said: “The quality of Zhonglian Harvest is guaranteed. Many users who come to see the harvesters must look at the harvester by Zhonglian, Other brands do not. Sometimes the harvester is sold out as soon as it comes in.” Such a scene makes Shi Li’s memory is still fresh. He also pays great attention to user feedback, acts as a bridge between manufacturers and users, and uses thoughtful services to make users worry-free.


Shi Li has a soft spot for Zhonglian Harvest products. He represents all the product lines of Zhonglian Harvest. Watching the product updates and iterations, each product is upgraded, and the appearance and workmanship are becoming more and more refined. Keep up the good work and go to the next level. He also said that as long as Zhonglian has a new product, he will enter the harvester as soon as possible, so that users can understand the innovative advantages of the new product. Zhonglian Harvest also relies on a professional product R&D team and a high market share, pays close attention to product quality, maximizes market performance, and cooperates with dealers to provide users with better services and improve users. The sense of purchase experience, and work together to achieve the development of national agricultural mechanization.

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Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvesting Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. On the basis of the original Zhengzhou Harvester Factory (prepared in 1990), it was established through resource integration and asset reorganization, integrating product research and development, parts production, complete harvester assembly and sales services. It is an integrated professional harvesting machinery enterprise, and it is one of the earliest enterprises producing harvesting harvesters in China. Since its establishment 30 years ago, the company has always adhered to the tenet of “serving agriculture and creating value for customers”, promoting “integrity, dedication, collaboration and innovation”. “, adhere to the core values ​​of “pursuit of quality excellence, innovation-driven development”, has provided more than 200,000 sets of various harvesting machinery to the society, which has greatly contributed to the development of agricultural mechanization in China.


Post time: Aug-11-2022