Li Xianbo: Zhonglian’s peanut harvesting machine escorts my happy life


    Li Xianbo, Master Li, lives in Huge Village, Shuguan Town, Daming County, Handan City, Hebei Province. He is in his 40s and is in the golden age of agricultural machinery. In 2021, Master Li noticed that the area of ​​peanut planting in his hometown has been expanding in recent years. Many villagers have made a fortune by operating peanut machines, so they thought of buying a peanut machine to try.


    “Why did you start with the peanut machine harvested by Zhonglian at that time? Let’s start with a buddy of mine in the same village. We both grew up together in a similar family situation. I watched him become more and more prosperous in the past two years, and the peanut machine he was operating was also quite good. I asked him what was wrong, how to operate it, and wanted to buy a peanut machine to try. He recommended to me the peanut machine from Zhonglian, a big brand, with guaranteed product quality and high operating efficiency. Gao, buy early and earn early. In fact, I am still a little worried about the new peanut harvester. I used to run a wheat machine and a corn harvester. My buddy showed me with his peanut machine. After getting started It’s not difficult to find out. After running in the machine for two days, I can start working in the field. So I bought a Zhonglian Harvest 4HZJ-2500 peanut harvester from the dealer. I will drive it during the peanut harvesting season in 2021. The combined harvesting peanut machine started to operate, I did not expect that the income of peanut harvesting operation is much higher than that of wheat and corn operation, and the operation efficiency is also very fast, about 100 mu a day, and the benefit is much better than before.” Master Li was right. the author said.

“What’s more worth mentioning is that Zhonglian Harvest has done a lot of service in terms of service. This year, it was the first year that I started a new peanut machine. To be honest, I was still quite nervous about the work. , carry out training sessions, give practical explanations before work, and remind regular maintenance after work, which is really meticulous and hands-on teaching. There is no problem with the machine after one season of work, and I also found that the products of Zhonglian Harvest are better than similar brands in terms of peanut harvest. It is very clean, as long as the place where the machine is driven is clean and there is no residue, and the breakage rate of peanuts is also low. We often talk to people who work together and think that the peanut machine harvested by Zhonglian is not only efficient but also effective. Well, for our farm work, time is money, and high efficiency is equivalent to making money fast, and buying the peanut machines harvested by Zhonglian guarantees that you will not lose money.” Master Li continued to add.


4HJL-6/6S peanut picking and harvesting machine

    In 2022, Master Li plans to repurchase and replace his 4HZJ-2500 peanut machine. “From the perspective of the 2021 peanut season, I am very satisfied with Zhonglian‘s peanut machine. I have carried out everything from the fruit picking room to the cleaning system. Check, there is no problem at all. In this year, I noticed that Zhonglian Harvest has a new 4HJL-6 peanut picking and harvesting machine, and I plan to buy one. This year’s peanut season and 21 types of peanut machines will definitely be more efficient. I believe this year’s earnings will definitely be even better.”

Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvesting Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1990s. It mainly focuses on three series of harvesters of grain, corn and peanuts. It is a very representative harvester manufacturer in the industry. During this period, it launched a series of popular products such as occupying Self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machines with a market share of 45%, etc. In 2022, the self-developed 4HJL-6 peanut picking and harvesting machine will be newly launched. It will be upgraded from the four major sections of performance, efficiency, driving and cleaning. The steering system adopts a dual-cylinder steering and a reinforced chassis. As large as 275mm, the cab adopts luxury shock-absorbing seats, and the 8-inch LCD instrument design is more humanized, making the performance more stable, the efficiency more efficient, and the cleaning more thorough.


Post time: Jun-10-2022