Longitudinal roller, curved cutter teeth, improved fan, analysis of the fruit picking and cleaning structure of this peanut machine




At present, the purchasing power of the Chinese agricultural machinery market is declining, and the market is desperate. However, the agricultural machinery market during the depression is still full of blooming flowers. For example, Zhonglian Harvest 4HZJ-2500 peanut machine went up against the market. On this trip to Zhengzhou, I am going to see what is the secret of this peanut machine’s best selling?


First of all, there are mysteries in the fruit-picking room: longitudinal roller arrangement, curved knife tooth type.

The fruit picking room is used to pick the fruits of the peanut crop fed by the conveying trough to realize the separation of fruit seedlings. The fruit picking room of the 4HZJ-2500 peanut machine is harvested through Zhonglian, and its structure is clear at a glance: a longitudinal axial flow drum is arranged, which consists of a fruit picking drum, a front concave plate, a rear concave plate, an upper cover, a roller gearbox, a roller feed inlet, and a roller. It consists of front support plate, fruit picking frame and shredder.


Let’s first learn the principle of fruit picking: when the peanut crop enters the drum feed inlet, the front end of the drum is a set of cone spiral leaves, and the drum feed inlet is arranged with a set of spiral ribs, which is equivalent to the upper and lower “teeth”, which interact with each other. The crop will enter the interior of the fruit picking room axially. The crop enters the fruit-picking drum, and the arc-shaped tooth row arranged on the drum forcibly drags the crop. When passing through the screen of the front concave plate, the vine and peanut fruit are separated.

Next, the vines are continuously dragged upward by the roller. After passing the upper spiral guide, the vines move axially from front to back, which is equivalent to the function of “swallowing”, and enters the back concave plate, and the vines pick fruits again. Separate, continue to rotate above the rear end of the drum, fluffy in a large gap, and the peanut fruit falls into the rear concave plate. The stalks of grass are thrown into the shredder at the straw discharge opening, and the separated peanut fruits and mixed materials pass through the front and rear concave plate sieve holes and fall directly onto the vibrating screen in the cleaning room.


It can be seen that the fruit picking room is the key core component of the peanut machine. The fruit picking effect is directly related to the quality of the operation and is the component that best reflects the quality of the peanut machine. In fact, the structure of the fruit picking room is basically the same as the mathematical formula. So, why did Zhonglian Harvest this peanut machine swept the market? The main wins are in the following three areas.


First, from a technical perspective, the structure of the vertical roller + curved blade teeth will increase the picking performance due to the increased inclination angle. Although it will reduce the cutting ability to a certain extent, it can effectively reduce the peanut fruit crushing rate and reduce Loss rate. 


Veterans know that the drum is a wearing part and will wear quickly in long-term use and needs to be replaced in time. The replacement of the cutter teeth must be radial symmetrical, otherwise the balance ring rotation will be lost and the quality of fruit picking will be affected. If you think about it, the same is true.

The second is from the application level analysis, this peanut machine has strong applicability, all wet and dry crops can be eaten, and there is a set to deal with complex agronomy. why? We found that the picking room roller is equipped with an independent gearbox, which has two options of resistance and high-end, so that it can meet the different requirements of crop dryness and humidity. Select low speed gear when harvesting dry crops to reduce the crushing rate of peanut fruit. Select high-speed gears, so as to avoid heavy blockage and affect the quality of fruit seedling separation.



The third is besides that, it is the manufacturing level of the enterprise. The so-called excellence, reporter’s understanding is that the victory is in the nuances. For example: there should be a certain gap between the curved cutter teeth on the fruit picking drum and the working surface of the concave plate, and how big is this gap? Is the trade secret of the manufacturer; can it be uniform? That’s the best job for manufacturers. In addition, the quality of the fruit separation is good or bad, the premise of the uniformity of the feeding amount, which is closely related to the design of the bridge; whether your machine can continue to operate, provided that the front and back concave screen sieve can not always hang grass Blockage, to say the least, is the issue of manufacturing level.


For farmers, how to measure the quality of your peanut machine picking room? After all, it is the level of manufacturing of the enterprise. Grasp a principle, there is nothing wrong with choosing products from specialized old enterprises, rejecting copy products, and don’t regret being cheap for a while. Otherwise, you can only be diligent, clean up in a timely manner and repair in time if it is broken.


Second, there are coups in the cleaning room: strengthen the improved fans.

The “houses” in the cleaning room are: vibrating screen, cleaning fan, throwing device, miscellaneous lifting mechanism, etc. What does the selection room do? The mixed fruit mixture entering from the concave plate of the fruit picking room is cleaned and cleaned with a combination of a vibrating screen and a fan, and then lifted and thrown into the fruit box; the light mixed material is blown into the straw discharge tube at once. Simply put, the separation of fruit and impurities is carried out here.


What are the ingredients of the peanut fruit mix from the fruit picking room? the reporter tells you: fruits, debris and soil. The principle of election is not complicated, that is, vibration, specific gravity and wind. The difference between different brands of peanut machines may be that one is the grasp of the vibration frequency, and the other is the control of the wind power. Copy products on the market, it is not difficult to imitate the shape, but you will never learn the configuration of the parameters, either you spend money to ask the master, or you spend time to ponder, this is the secret of manufacturing. How does Zhonglian harvest 4HZJ-2500 peanut machine to market? Nature has its “willfulness”.


First, the quality of the screen box is higher and the applicability is stronger. The sieve box is an assembly, which consists of jitter plate, manuscript piece, sieve piece, fruit recovery slide plate, sieve drive shaft welding and wind deflector. As mentioned above, the vibrating screen is the key moving part of the cleaning room, and its function is to form a kind of object curtain through the vibration and pushing of peanut mixture, and to separate the fruit under the action of wind. The characteristics of this peanut machine is that with a removable screen box bottom plate, users can choose a screen according to their needs. Not only is the quality high, but the applicability is strong. It is not surprising that the cleaning ability is good.



The second is an enhanced and improved fan, which significantly improves the effect of blowing soil. The actual situation is that the soil content in the material mixture from the fruit picking room is quite large. In fact, the operating effect of the copy brand is actually lost on this fan. After Zhonglian harvested this peanut machine for improvement and upgrade, it was based on the big data of previous years’ operation and testing. The specially customized fan has improved durability, improved reliability, and more importantly, significantly improved results.

In addition, veterans know that many abnormal situations occur in actual use, such as: the vibrating screen is easily clogged with debris and needs to be cleaned in a timely manner; the piece of film and screen must be consistent at all times. Deformation, otherwise it will inevitably become clogged; and peanuts are sometimes entrained in the grass box, increasing the loss rate. The occurrence of these conditions is directly related to the working status of the wind turbine, except for the manufacturing experience of the manufacturer. If there is no accumulation of test data and mastery of the parameters that match the wind in the system, the copy or inexperienced manufacturers cannot copy it. That’s why the quality of the brand is better.


Third, the grass-cutting device is still on the fan.

The shredding and rowing device is composed of a shredder, a rowing tube, a rowing fan casing, a rowing fan impeller, a rowing observation port cover and a belt pulley. The stalks coming from the grass are shredded, sucked, and thrown, and finally concentrated in the straw box. In terms of chopping and arranging grass, is there anything special about Zhonglian’s 4HZJ-2500 peanut machine? The answer is simple: still on improved fans.

First, the fans are different. This is another fan. As mentioned above, the principle is the same. This is an enhanced and improved fan. Similarly, the old machine operators understand that in the actual operation, it is also a headache to encounter the clogging of the exhaust fan. This is because: the fan impeller blades are unevenly worn or missing; the belt tension is not enough to cause the speed to be lost; The soil content is too large, which leads to too much clay on the fan impeller; the peanut crop is too humid or weak, and the difference between the specific gravity of the fruit and grass is reduced. It can be seen that how important it is to match a high-quality peanut machine with a complex agronomy and cope with a more variable operating environment.


The second is to reserve wider applicability. After working for a period of time, the peanut machine needs to adjust the components, otherwise it will affect the cutting quality and grass removal. For example: the shredder blade rotates at high speed, the blade wear may also be different, and dynamic balance needs to be maintained; the shredder and fan impeller are connected with a V-belt, and the tension may change, which will reduce the transmission power. These problems are also a test of the design experience of manufacturers. Brand manufacturers will definitely reserve enough adjustment space without affecting the matching of the machine parameters.


Fourth, the fruit box and straw box, humanity and intelligence are the biggest highlights.

This machine is equipped with two bins, one is a fruit box and the other is a grass box, which is used to pick up peanut fruit and stem grass. The function of the fruit box is to receive clean peanuts thrown by the thrower, and hydraulically lift and unload the fruit when the warehouse is full. Components such as the fruit box, movable box cover, lifting cylinder, fruit box shaft, movable cover screen and observation glass composition. The straw box is used to collect the stalks of the straw discharge opening. After the warehouse is full, the grass is hydraulically unloaded. The straw box is composed of a straw box body, a movable upper cover, a hydraulic cylinder of an upper cover interlocking mechanism, and a straw box support.


The first is an improved fruit box, which is more intelligent. It is equipped with glass observation holes, overflow ports, and movable cover screens, which can determine whether the box is full by multiple factors. Under normal circumstances, through the glass observation hole on the front wall of the fruit box, it is convenient to observe the dynamics of peanut fruit entering the box, and judge whether it is normal or full. Stop the operation in time after the full box, and unload the fruit hydraulically to avoid blockage failure.



Observe whether the fruit box is full? There are two other ways: First, when peanuts fly out from the overflow port on the right side of the fruit box, it also means that the fruit box is full. Second, the design of the movable cover on the left panel of the fruit box is convenient for observing the dust concentration at the air outlet above the fruit box, and it can also be judged that the box is full; when the fruit is unloaded, the movable cover screen will automatically open, and the operator should check at any time. Ensure the flexibility of the movable cover screen.


The second is an improved straw box, which is more user-friendly. The design of the movable upper cover is obviously prepared for unloading grass. When receiving grass during operation, the movable upper cover should be closed and closed without gaps to avoid the loss of stem and grass splashing. When removing the grass, the movable upper cover will be fully opened automatically. Similarly, the movable outlet design is convenient for the operator to observe the dynamics in the box. Dust coming out of the outlet indicates that it is working properly; stems and grass floating at the outlet indicate that the box is full, and the operation should be stopped and the grass unloaded.

So what do users do when they don’t need to collect stems? You can remove the cover of the straw box and spray it directly on the ground. Should such a humanized design be praised?

Post time: Dec-31-2019