Maintenance of air filter of 4HZJ-2500A peanut picking and harvesting machine

 Before work, it is necessary to check whether all the sealing parts of the air filter system are tightly sealed.


Regularly maintain the air filter according to the maintenance method recommended on the air filter nameplate.


Frequently check the status of the main filter element resistance alarm. If the sensor turns from green to red or the air filter clogged alarm indicator lights up, it means that the air filter is clogged. You must stop working for air filter for maintenance immediately.


When maintaining the air filter, follow the warnings on the air filter housing to remove dust from the paper filter element.


After repeated maintenance, if the paper filter element folding fan has been seriously deformed, folded, etc., now a new filter element and a safety filter element must be replaced. It is strictly forbidden to use inferior filter elements.


Clean up the dust in the dust bag in time, and the opening gap of the dust bag should not be greater than 1mm. If the dust bag is broken, opened, or falls off, please replace it immediately. When installing the dust bag, keep the dust bag spreading downward .


Regarding the maintenance cycle of the air filter, it can be determined according to the operating conditions. Generally, it should not exceed one shift, and the maintenance frequency can be increased if necessary.


In order to avoid the occurrence of blue smoke from the engine, serious lower exhaust, and piston wear and cylinder pulling, pay attention to the following when maintaining and replacing the air filter: After the safety core is installed, ensure that it is tightly matched with the bottom shell and has no gap;


Post time: Oct-08-2020