“Net Celebrity” Niu Boss Sells “Net Celebrity” Car – Zhonglian Harvesting Peanut Machine


Agricultural machinery network celebrity sold 300 vehicles in a live broadcast

Foreword: Although the number of users in China’s online live broadcast industry will reach 526 million in 2020, everyone can become a live anchor. Only just enlightened, and there are very few who can bring goods and sell successfully, and there are only a handful of people who bring tens of millions of goods in a live broadcast like Niu Haijun. Behind the success, there are not only their own efforts, but also more correct choices.

Agricultural Machinery Network Hong Songyuan Junshengyuan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Niu Haijun


“Net Celebrity Refinement” – Niu Haijun

    Kuaishou account has 520,000 fans, and a live broadcast can reach more than 5,000 people watching online at the same time. At the peak, the online deposit of agricultural machinery reaches 300 units. He is neither a talent live broadcast, nor a good-looking anchor, but relies on online lectures. For agricultural machinery maintenance, he is Niu Haijun, general manager of Songyuan Junshengyuan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., and the Kuaishou number is “Niu always talks about agricultural machinery”.

    Niu Haijun recalled the original intention of making this account: “When the short video first became popular, I wondered if I could post the usual maintenance videos online to facilitate the daily maintenance of my customers, because most agricultural machinery damage can be repaired in advance. Avoid it.” It is precisely because of this unintentional behavior that many users have left messages in the background to inquire about maintenance issues. Niu Haijun’s patient answers have brought him a steady stream of purchasers. Later, with the encouragement of users , Niu Haijun started a live broadcast to introduce the pros and cons of various equipment, maintenance skills and so on. The persistent creation and live broadcast not only made Niu Haijun an internet celebrity in the hearts of local users, but also made his business from Jilin to Heilongjiang.

Behind the success is a huge effort, “Internet celebrity” Niu Haijun was interviewed 


“Net Celebrity Refinement” – Niu Haijun

    The value that Niu Haijun adheres to in his heart is: “Starting from interests, earning money, starting from responsibility, winning is reputation and development.” It is precisely because of the goal of starting from users that Niu Haijun not only achieved business success, but also Gained a lot of user friends “Some users want to buy what kind of car, if I don’t have an agent, the user will recommend me to go to the agent, and the connection with Zhengzhou Zhonglian starts from the user’s introduction.”

    “Our local planting is mainly based on corn. After the peanut planting yielded considerable profits in the later period, the development of the local peanut industry was driven. However, the peanut harvesting at that time was still a tractor with a traditional small harvester, which was not only labor-intensive but also efficient. Very low. In 2019, a user friend in my live broadcast room asked me if I had a Zhonglianself-propelled peanut picker. At first, I didn’t pay attention. Later, another user came to the door and said, “Mr. Niu, we want to buy Zhonglian. Peanut machine, if you act as our agent, we will buy it’ that caught my attention.”

    Later, through a friend’s introduction, Niu Haijun inspected the Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest Factory and learned about the users of Zhonglian Harvest: “Zhonglian peanut harvester is also the industry’s ‘net red car’, and it is hard to find a car when it is the most popular.” The needs of users and The strength of the manufacturer has strengthened Niu Haijun to represent this “net red car”-Zhonglian Harvesting Peanut Machine.

    Niu Haijun’s agent opened the local market in the first year and achieved sales of more than 80 units. A local user said: “‘Internet celebrity’ sells ‘Internet celebrity car’, we can rest assured”.

Net Red Car–Zhonglian Harvest 2022 4HZJ-2500A Self-propelled Peanut Picking Harvester


How did Zhengzhou Zhonglian “net red car” be made?

    With its excellent performance and good reputation from users, Zhengzhou Zhonglian peanut picker has seen its production and sales soar for four consecutive years. In 2021, the market share will still be as high as 45%, and even some major peanut producing areas have a market share of 90%. It is the agricultural machinery market. A veritable “net red car”.

    In 2022, Zhengzhou Zhonglian people will continue to explore product quality, after-sales service and customer care. Zhonglian harvests the 2022 4HZJ-2500A self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machine based on the 2021 model, including comfort, maneuverability and practicability. Wait for 21 details; in terms of after-sales service, the base of dozens of spare parts pre-warehouses in 2021 will continue to increase, ensuring online 60-second response and offline 24-hour arrival service during the operation season. And in 2022, it will launch the purchase of Zhonglian Harvest products to provide financial support with zero rate for 6 months. These service models allow dealers to sell equipment and users to buy equipment without pressure.

    Zhengzhou Zhonglian people’s 30 years of accumulation in the spring and autumn have achieved the “Internet celebrity product” in the eyes of users.


Post time: Jun-13-2022