There is a peanut harvester with a famous background and a best-selling market. Why has it been imitated and never surpassed

In the past two years, the agricultural machinery market has been unable to stop the downward trend. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing for farmers’ friends. This is a true story: there was a lake in the park, and the blue water was rippling on weekdays. Due to the construction needs, the lake was drained one day, and the original ecology was instantly exposed, letting everyone see the true nature of the lake bottom.

The same is true of the agricultural machinery market. In these “inconvenient” days, although the market is sluggish, it makes our farmers’ friends better understand the original ecology of the industry. It turns out that there are those who complain about the sky, many of them, and the waiters account for the vast majority. Is there no way other than waiting?


of course not. With the comprehensive advancement of agricultural mechanization in China, some independent brands adhere to the “deep digging” spirit. In the weak links of agricultural mechanization, such as peanuts, sunflowers, green fodder, millet cereals, and straw treatment, a variety of market-friendly, consumer-friendly grades have been introduced in due course. product. Among them, a peanut machine emerged at the historic moment. Since its listing, it has grown against the market, and the company’s full horsepower is still in short supply, so that it has become a “black horse” in the agricultural machinery market. Its subsidiary——Zhonglian Harvest 4HZJ-2500 self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machine.

“At this stage, the main contradiction of China’s agricultural machinery manufacturing industry is the serious shortage of effective supply.” This record set by Zhengzhou Zhonglian also verified such a basic judgment from one side.

When we choose and purchase a machine, we should judge the quality of a product. Which aspects should we start with?

First of all, talk about the origin, which is the product brand. This is the first factor for us to choose agricultural machinery products. I believe that farmers who know the word “Xinjiang-2″ should be familiar with “Made in Zhengzhou”. Since the 4HZJ-2500 peanut machine was launched in 2016, it has aroused widespread concern in the industry and abroad, and has become a market for farmers. The new best-selling products have been highly sought after by users, which has raised China’s peanut mechanized harvest to a new stage. The successful development of this peanut machine is the same as the “Xinjiang-2″ of the same year, and it can be called “the peanut version of Xinjiang-2″. It was handed over on the road of research and innovation after Zhengzhou Zhonglian started its business independently for more than 10 years. Another qualified answer mark also marks its successful entry into another new field on the road to harvest machinery specialization.