This little brother five years to buy four, CHMC Zhonglian peanut harvester in the end what magic?


From 2017 to 2021, a total of five years, the brother bought a total of four CHMC Zhonglian peanut harvester, CHMC Zhonglian harvest exactly how the “magic”?

This little brother called Xie Jinchun, living in Tangshan Luanzhou City, Luanzhou City is the name of the place since ancient times Luanzhou, known as the “first state of Guanxi”, peanut planting area of more than 200,000 mu year-round, is the hometown of Chinese peanuts and one of the national oil production base, peanut harvester has a strong demand.

In 2017, Master Xie had the intention of buying a peanut harvester, visited a number of dealers, after understanding a number of brands he finally chose the peanut harvester of the CHMC Zhonglian harvester brand. He said, “Compared to now, the peanut harvester purchased in 2017 is still a little more glitches, but there is no big problem, a call to the after-sales service phone, service personnel immediately came over, maintenance technology, parts supply that are not to say, because the peanut harvester at that time is still a new product, growers of peanut harvester is not very recognized, but also dry 2000 acres Land, the year back to the capital.”


he first year of a smooth start so that the master Xie more confident, due to the reliable quality and good after-sales service of CHMC Zhonglian  peanut harvester, with the young dare to fight and dare to do, the master Xie bought another 18 models of CHMC Zhonglian peanut harvester, “2018 models of peanut harvester is really different, the failure rate is greatly reduced.” Master Xie said, “this peanut harvester down to do the work of the bar!” From Tangshan to Cangzhou, this 2018 Zhonglian peanut harvester followed Master Xie from 2018 to 2019, “2018 I this harvester back to the capital, but also a slight surplus, 2019 this harvester is pure profit!” Master Xie said.

In 2020, CHMC Zhonglian’s peanut harvester has made many innovations and its sales have exceeded 3,000 units nationwide! Master Xie bought another 20 models of CHMC Zhonglian peanut harvester in July, Master Xie said: “The 20 models of CHMC Zhonglian peanut harvester have improved a lot compared with the previous ones. In the operation I saw other brands of peanut harvester in terms of failure rate,  quality, etc., are not as good as the CHMC Zhonglian harvest. 2020 models of product quality is obviously a grade better than in previous years, wearing parts such as bearings, chains, etc. also improved a lot, almost zero failure, last year, driving up really comfortable, this is not the CHMC Zhonglian harvest sales staff has become my good buddy! “


In the blink of an eye, in 2021, after another round of product upgrades, CHMC Zhonglian Harvest held a number of product promotions in Hebei Province, including one in Luanzhou, as a “long-time user” of CHMC Zhonglian Harvest, Master Xie certainly could not miss, and at the promotion meeting Master Xie ordered a 21 models of CHMC Zhonglian Harvest peanut harvester on the spot. “The promotion said 21 peanut harvester and a full range of upgrades, maintenance-free bearings increased to 15, and increased the safety clutch, I am a crop man, some configurations I do not know very well, but the CHMC Zhonglian harvest products are better every year, with a solid, I just trust CHMC Zhonglian harvest, so I bought another one this year, 17 models, 18 models I I bought another one this year, 17 models and 18 models I have sold, 20 models last year I do not intend to sell, with 21 models of harvesters to embark on this year’s autumn harvest journey!


Post time: Dec-28-2021