Warmly celebrate our new product 4LZ-9 Grain Combine Harvester

~~~ I am coming!

Sorry for late, pay attention to the  CHMC 4LZ-9,Grain Combine Harvester (Xinjiang -9).

Today, let’s talk about it.

I will show you more than the various upgrades and improvements of

CHMC 4LZ-9,Grain Combine Harvester (Xinjiang -9),

give you an immersive visual feast!



The appearance of the cool streamlined design is a beautiful appearance

4LZ- 9 ,long 6.7 meters, wide3.2 meters, the high 3.3 meters

overall appearance is streamlined design,

the body curve begins with the mounting station, extended to the parking space

The whole motor vehicle weighs 5640kg,

optional 2.75M anti-wrapped around the fast-hanging club to adapt to a variety of country trails.

Wide 920mm over the bridge, feed up to 9 kg per second, and feeding is not blocked.


Large space closed nice dust-proof anti-noise comfort is stronger cab

The cab front glass upgrade whole piece of arc anglar glass,

double open door with no frame full glass door, boosting space,

open vision, beautiful atmosphere, the outer part of the cab is easy to clean.


In the cab,

enhanced closure, dust and noise, and enjoy peace.

The deputy driving design, easy across the area,

drive through, and tighten the exhaustion.

USB music playback can also be charged in emergency,

storage box, and cups, all-linen, comfortable, comfortable driving,

king enjoy!


Optional, original air conditioner,four seasons such as spring.

New electronic display, reversing image and vehicle status, and there is no mistake.

Help you easily drive, efficiently harvest!


Optional one-stop operation, static hydraulic drive,

simple operation, high-end atmosphere, saving time and effort!


The steering wheel can be adjusted before and after adapting to your different driving needs.

Let you drive the job, comfort is multiplied.



High powerful harvest efficiency

Yuchai 200 hp high voltage common rail engine, polymorphic switch 125 hp-200 hp, free adjustment,

flexible transition operation, energy saving and reduction.

The engine uses Eurasian Yutong air filter, the filter accuracy is higher, the safety core zero dust,

ensures that CHMC 4LZ-9 (Xinjiang 9) fuel more provinces, give you higher economic benefits!

Rubber material seals, oil-resistant, withstood, not afraid of cold cool heat,

fully guarantee the operation of the engine, escort your harvest job!


282 liters of oversized tanks, lasting battle,full harvest


The power output pulley is changed from φ248 to φ272,

and the harvest efficiency is increased by 10%!

Power output joint strip, walking belt, threshing ribbon with belt industry, Wuxi, China.

Growth life, reduce replacement cycles,

let you keep your job Calmly!


2.5 Cubic super large granary, with 275mm diameter unloading grain cartridge,

Can load more grain, quick-unloading,3333 Square meter of land!



3.1 meters of elimination grains,

up to 3.8 meters, can meet various grain vehicles.



Deplet separation technology

Cutting and horizontal axial roller threshing separation technology,

strong degreis, material separation, thorough, mature skin technology,

stable performance, give you double wheat experience!


Riching reliability and stability

The axial roller flap is more stable,

and the reliability is higher.

16MN high-strength steel chassis design, long reinforcing plate, upgrade welding process,

frame strength is greatly improved,

the whole machine is longer, the market is more expensive.

The gearbox clutch diameter is upgraded to 275mm, and the load quality is 20%.

The intermediate shaft uses 42CRMO solid shaft and bold,

the bearing is upgraded from 207 to 210, the strength is increased by 25%,

and the quality of the whole machine is more stable and reliable,

which can meet different operating environment.

Mid-axis, roller shaft, fan, overpass main drive shaft and other key parts bearings

are changed to US Pierre-free maintenance bearing performance

is more stable,and the fault rate is lower.

Save maintenance and maintenance costs, higher harvest efficiency.


Humanized design reflects humanistic care details

The servis increases monitoring holes to prevent the servers from blocking,

improve your fault overhaul efficiency,

enhance your job efficiency!


The front ladder is safer and safer.


Fixed reversing mirror and headlight design,

avoiding the mirror and headlight damage caused by the body’s vibration,

so that your harvest job is more secure.


Humanized design Handle box , meet your cleaning needs during homework,

give you a better wheat life experience.



One machine multi-purpose economical affordable function

The maintenance of wheat, can also receive a variety of crops

such as soybeans,grains, sorghum, corn grains,

one machine, more fast, and affordable.

Post time: Dec-22-2021