Zhengzhou Zhonglian – a trusted brand


Speaking of Zhengzhou Zoomlion, it can be said that it was born in a famous family. The predecessor of this company is Zhengzhou harvester factory of Xinlian group, which is the well-known production base of “laozhongshou”. In March 2007, the restructuring of Zhengzhou Zhonglian began to focus on the harvest machinery business, and opened a new journey relying on the inheritance and innovation of “old China harvest”.


With the further release of peanut harvester market in recent two years, many domestic agricultural machinery enterprises have launched peanut harvester products, and more than 10 new brands were added in 2018. In 2019, the competition in the peanut harvester industry can be said to be very fierce. Most of the products of various brands are similar in configuration, and the quality reliability, harvest efficiency and after-sales service level of products are several important reference conditions for users to make choices.

Zheng Yonggang, master Zheng, is an agricultural manipulator in Daming sungandian Township, Handan City, Hebei Province, and an old manipulator with more than ten years of experience. In recent years, with the adjustment of planting structure, the peanut planting area in Daming sungandian Township, Handan City, Hebei Province has been increasing, and the demand for peanut harvesters has also increased greatly. As an old manipulator, master Zheng naturally followed the trend and bought a Zhengzhou Zoomlion peanut harvester.

“I used a peanut picker, which is a fixed type driven by motor, with limited technology, relatively backward and low efficiency. Therefore, with the increase of peanut planting area, this backward picker can no longer meet everyone’s needs in the operation season. No, I resolutely bought a self-propelled peanut picker harvested by Zoomlion last year “Harvester,” Mr. Zheng said excitedly, “I didn’t buy the flowers harvested by Zoomlion on a whim. I made full preparations. Before buying, I went to the farmers around who used the peanut harvester. They said that the peanuts harvested by the peanut harvester in Zhengzhou Zoomlion were clean and neat. We should listen to the farmers’ opinions when serving the farmers. Not only that, I also called the manufacturer to inquire about this product Product, I also found detailed information about it on the Internet, coupled with the recommendation of people from the past, made me full of interest in the flower vitality harvested by Zoomlion. “

“I am also a senior agricultural manipulator, so just because of the recognition of farmers and everyone’s recommendation can not determine anything. The important reason why I buy the flower vitality harvested by Zoomlion is its configuration and service: first, it has stronger quality reliability and wider applicability. This peanut picker adopts d3.5 large clutch gearbox, which is reliable and durable; plus The strong cleaning screen box has stronger applicability; it can be equipped with rear brake steering bridge and mechanical rear drive, which has stronger selectivity. The second is that it is convenient for maintenance and higher harvest efficiency. The peanut pickup harvester uses floating pressure feeding rod to reduce the risk of blockage and more convenient for maintenance; the adjustable bridge bottom plate and suspended bridge feeding wheel have good feeding smoothness, cushion and hit peanuts and reduce the cost Low crushing; the optimized fruit picking system has high working efficiency, soft fruit picking, low crushing rate and good grass fruit separation effect. The third is its timely after-sales service. For our machine operators, the harvest period is those days. The machine must not have problems. The after-sales service of Zoomlion is very timely. It will arrive within an hour without delaying the progress of my operation. This is very important I’m satisfied. “When it comes to the advantages of Zoomlion peanut harvester, Mr. Zheng is like a treasure.” after using it for a year, Zhengzhou Zoomlion peanut harvester really didn’t disappoint me. It’s worth buying, and the quality and service can keep up. Just for this, I’m going to buy a Zoomlion corn harvester for this autumn harvest. “Mr. Zheng said.

Zhengzhou Zhonglian, as the sales champion of domestic peanut harvesters in recent two years, naturally knows very well the real needs of users and the leading factors of purchasing. Its peanut harvester closely adheres to these important factors and launched a new peanut harvester on the basis of the original products. In addition to adopting a new appearance design, it also adds a new hydraulic operation and luxury driving Cab, operation instrument display, etc. improve the user’s driving comfort equipment.

The manipulator serves the growers and the agricultural machinery manufacturers serve the manipulator, and the starting point of all services is to satisfy the growers. Zhengzhou Zoomlion has won the recognition of many peanut harvester users in China because of its concept of being close to the needs of users, constantly improving products and manufacturing peanut harvester products that make users more satisfied. Zoomlion peanut harvester is in the hearts of users No one can shake the position in the world.


Post time: Feb-14-2022