Zhengzhou Zhonglian brings a “bursting” happiness to users!

In recent years, markets such as wheat harvesters, large and medium horsepower tractors, and rice harvesters have declined. Although the corn harvester has also experienced a cliff-type development, last year, with the domestic corn harvester just needed to exist and the stocks updated, the market has recovered and has maintained a trend of contrarian growth. It has become the only growth highlight in the traditional field of several agricultural machinery.  

Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhengzhou Zhonglian”) is a company dedicated to the development of harvesting machines. With more than 20 years of technical accumulation and precipitation, the brand image has already been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. “Good quality and low price” is the most direct evaluation of the Zhengzhou Zhonglian Corn Harvester by distributors and users. In this interview, one was the “new fan” of Zhengzhou Zhonglian Corn Harvester for the first time last year; one was “hardcore powder” with Zhengzhou Zhonglian for more than ten years, and the reporter deeply felt the company and its products. Brought to them a “bursting” happiness.


User Zhao Mengxiang: The first time I bought a corn machine, it was really exciting!

It is understood that there are three brothers in the home of Zhao Mengxiang, Chenqiao Township, Fengqiu County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province. The whole family has more than 20 mu of land and is a large family in the local area. In the era when wheat harvesters were just emerging, Zhao Mengxiang was hired by others and earned only 200 yuan a day.


“But more than 20 acres of land, the brothers are not at home, the operation of the agricultural machinery in the first quarter is 100 yuan / mu, so, I will buy a car to do it.” For this reason, last year, Zhao Mengxiang Purchased the first corn harvester.


Why would you choose Zhengzhou Zhonglian? “In the early years, as soon as I arrived at the corn harvest season, I was able to see a Zhengzhou Zhonglian corn harvester coming out of his yard. The business was very hot.” ​​Zhao Mengxiang and the general manager of the adjacent Oriental Agricultural Machinery Zhang Guosheng also gradually became familiar with it from then on. “At that time, relatives drived the corn machine of Zhengzhou Zhonglian. Later, 80% of the machines that came to collect corn in our village were this brands. I thought, is it so popular?”
When Zhao Mengxiang applied for a tractor license, he found that people are very recognized by Zhengzhou Zhonglian. It is very recognized that all of the above have given him the courage to purchase the first Zhonglian harvest 4YZ-3W self-propelled corn harvester.”


Last year, I worked on more than 800 mu of land. The new car has a large horsepower and is really strong.” This year, I have to work 1,500 acres.


“Speaking of the purchase experience, Zhao Mengxiang first made an evaluation of the appearance of Zhengzhou Zhonglian. “Compared with previous years, the appearance of this machine is getting more and more fine, especially the color of the paint is in line with our aesthetics, and the business should be as bright as this color.” In addition to “high value”, for a corn For the harvester, picking ability is particularly important. It is understood that the picking and cutting header of the 4YZ-3W self-propelled corn harvester adopts the forced feeding mode of the chain, which does not need to be operated during the operation, and can achieve lateral harvesting. Among them, the picking roller adopts the double helix high and low roller to feed the pulling stem method, and has the advantages of no stalks, no stalk seed rate, fast pulling stem, no winding, no jamming, and the like. In addition, a chute type grain recovery device is also arranged, which can quickly discharge the recovered grain, which is short in use and high in efficiency. “This can save me a lot of time.” Zhao Mengxiang said in a well-organized manner, “Another important indicator of whether the operation effect can be recognized by the user is the straw smashing effect. This machine is equipped with a hob-type front pulverizer plus a center-mounted type.

Returning the machine, the straw smashing effect is excellent.”


“The benefits of mechanized harvesting of corn are higher than that of wheat. Good harvesting machines are my powerful ‘weapons’. It seems that I have to work in this industry for a long time.” Zhao Mengxiang, who just tasted the sweetness, looks for Zhengzhou Zhonglian Corn Machine. Full of confidence.

Dealer Zhang Guosheng: For more than ten years of cooperation, this brand is trustworthy!

Speaking of the fate of Zhang Guosheng and Zhengzhou Zhonglian, time will be back to 13 years ago. In 2006, there were three large-scale agricultural machinery agents in the area where Zhang Guosheng was located, weighing the market development layout. He chose to represent Zhengzhou Zhonglian. “At that time, Zhengzhou Zhonglian’s wheat harvester series was very popular. It happened that no one in the local area had represented this brand, so I did not hesitate to negotiate with the manufacturer and finally obtained the agency right.” This is more than ten years. Zhang Guosheng also won the right to represent the corn harvesting machine and peanut harvesting machine from the single-sale wheat harvester of Zhengzhou Zhonglian.


In recent years, in the face of the sharp decline in the agricultural machinery market, many agricultural machinery companies are looking for a path suitable for their own development, which is also a big test for dealers. But Zhang Guosheng feels “no pressure.” The reason why he can live easily, he believes that it is mainly due to Zhengzhou Zhonglian’s grasp of the market. It is understood that in the corn machine market has just emerged, Zhengzhou Zhonglian reviewed the situation, after several years of research and development, trials, in 2008 launched a large three-row and four-row corn harvester for the Northeast market. After a lapse of four years, Zhengzhou Zhonglian has set its sights on the Huanghuaihai market, targeted the introduction of the well-known small three-row and small four-row corn harvester, while exploring the northwest market and launching six-row and seven-row corn harvesters. At this point, the comprehensive layout of the corn harvester market has been achieved.


“As a Henan province located in the Central Plains, we only grow corn locally, so the 4YZ-3W self-propelled corn harvester is more catering to the local appetite. Once promoted, it will usher in the sales season.” As Zhengzhou Zhonglian Many years of dealers, product changes Zhang Guosheng also remembers the heart, “This car users are very fond of, not only affordable, but many people can look at each other at a glance, good quality and cheap. In terms of color, the product is before the continuation The addition of a little orange to the big red color gives the entire model a youthful visual experience.”


Before leaving, Zhang Guosheng held a mobile phone and kept a small video software such as a volcano and a vibrato. He said happily: “Now the promotion model is diversified, I have to push the good machine of Zhengzhou Zhonglian to more users and tell them this. The brand is trustworthy!”

Post time: Jul-31-2019