Zhengzhou Zhonglian peanut harvester not only time-saving and effort-saving, but also make more money

In July 2018, the corn harvesting is about to enter the harvest period, the domestic agricultural machinery market has begun to enter the peak sales season, and there have been very hot peanut harvesters in the past two years. Among the many peanut harvester brands, the company that launched the peanut picker harvester last year firmly occupied the market sales champion. This company is Zhengzhou Zhonglian Harvest Machinery Co., Ltd.


It is understood that most of the domestic manufacturers of self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machines are manufacturers that originally produced wheat and corn harvesters. The machines seen on the market are all self-propelled chassis borrowing wheeled wheat and corn harvesters, picking systems, conveying systems, fruit picking systems, cleaning systems, fruit collecting systems and electro-hydraulic control systems. After recognizing the principles of these products, it is natural to know why China United Harvest has steadily ranked first in the industry after only one year of peanut harvester production and sales. With more than 20 years of product research and development and production experience in the wheat harvester and corn harvester industries of Zhonglian Harvest, it is natural to invest in the field of peanut picking and harvesting machines with little difference.

Of course, the quality of the product is determined by the user. When I was studying peanut harvester users in Jiaozuo, Henan Province, I met Zhu Yanbing, a user who has been engaged in peanut harvesting for many years. It is understood that the user has four or five years of experience in peanut picking and harvesting. In the past, mainly the traction type picker was used. Although it is more efficient than manual work, it was time-consuming and labor-intensive. He walked through the peanut picking and harvesting machine before he realized what is called high efficiency and his income is much higher than before.


“This machine is much better than what I used before, saves time and effort, and is very efficient!” Zhu Yanbing raised the thumb of the peanut harvester harvested by Zhonglian. From his operating situation in a peanut growing area last year, Zhonglian’s peanut picking and harvesting machine is not only more efficient than the old-fashioned picking machines, but also the same as other brands of self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machines on the market. Under the competition, the harvesting effect of this machine stands out.

It is reported that there were more than 3,000 acres of peanuts waiting to be harvested in Zhu Yanbing’s operating area at that time. At the scene, not only his Zhonglian 4HZJ-2500 self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machine, but also four mainstream self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting products that are very common on the market. “Other people’s harvesting machines are collected at the price of 70 yuan/acres. My price is 80 yuan/acres. After watching the results of my harvest, they all came to me to collect. In the end, the other machines had to leave and I just left. There are several more waiting in line to receive. “Zhu Yanbing still proud of the harvest scene last year.

So why did Zhu Yanbing choose the peanut picker harvester harvested by China United? According to his recollection, he inspected many manufacturers of peanut pickers at that time, and hesitated for a long time. After all, he had not used this emerging product and was not very familiar with it. In the end, he was urged to choose the products harvested by Zhonglian because he learned that Zhonglian has more than 20 years of experience and technology in the field of wheat and corn machines, and the scale of the plant is relatively large, and the product quality and after-sales service must be guaranteed. Therefore, he chose 4HZJ-2500 self-propelled peanut picking and harvesting machine harvested by Zhonglian.

After one year of use, Zhu Yanbing felt that his choice was correct. “The machine itself has nothing to do with the problem, and it is very strong. Occasionally, there is a small problem, just call and consult, and you can solve it by yourself. The service personnel who can’t solve it will also be here as soon as possible. Very satisfied! “In terms of harvesting efficiency, Zhu Yanbing calculated a detailed account. According to his actual operation last year, he can collect six or seven acres in one hour, and seventy to eighty acres a day is not a problem. The highest time is more than 110 acres a day and one night. It can be said that the efficiency is very high.

Zhu Yanbing was not the only one using Zhengzhou Zhonglian harvester in the local area. During the interview, the author also encountered a user named Liu Yinghua who was also a “circle fan” of Zhengzhou Zhonglian peanut harvester.


“The peanut harvester I bought last year made a lot of money and the work efficiency was quite high.” Speaking of the harvester I bought, Liu Yinghua said that I saw this peanut harvest at the agricultural machinery exhibition at that time After the machine, I went directly to the factory to mention the machine, and last year it did not lose its “preference” and it was in good working condition.


“There were about 1,300 acres of peanuts harvested last year, and there were no problems during the period. The work efficiency was good and it was easy.” Liu Yinghua said that he was quite satisfied with the harvest last year. As long as the machine is not in trouble during the busy season, making money Yes, and Zhengzhou Zhonglian attaches great importance to users. Whether it is a big problem or a small problem, manufacturers can solve it for users in a timely and effective manner.

In addition, according to Zhengzhou Zhonglian staff, this year’s peanut harvester has made dozens of improvements on the original basis. Not only is the power more powerful, but also many improvements have been made in details to ensure that it better meets the user’s work needs.

With the continuous saturation of wheat harvesters and corn harvesters, it is difficult to make money in wheat and corn harvesters. With the continuous growth of peanut planting area, it is clear that the emerging peanut harvesting operation has become a new choice for many agricultural machinery users. And choosing a product with reliable quality and high efficiency has become the main demand of users. Through Zhu Yanbing’s introduction, it is clear that 4HZJ-2500 self-propelled peanut picker harvester harvested by Zhonglian is the best choice for users.

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Post time: Jan-07-2020