Zhengzhou Zhonglian’s peanut harvester has a leading sales volume in the local harvester market

Every day, a large number of dealers have headaches, the market is not good, they are facing a backlog of products, the purchasing willing of users is declining, and the double pressure of manufacturers and users has led to a difficult life. But the market is not good, which does not mean that there is no demand. Today, we will introduce an excellent dealer, Hu Zhenzhou, the general manager of Zhengkang Fukang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., to see how he made the company’s business flourish in Zhengyang County.


Worked as a worker, transporter, but still love the agricultural machinery industry

The reporter learned that Mr. Hu had worked as a worker, saler and transporter in the agricultural machinery manufacturers in the early years, but he was still very optimistic about the agricultural machinery industry. So in the spring of 2013, he co-founded a Fukang agricultural machinery sales company with friends. From the understanding of agricultural machinery and the market, Mr. Hu sold peanut machines from the beginning, but because the machines are not very advanced, the sales are always unsatisfactory, and the company operates generally.