Soybean Combine

  • Production Capacity: 500 Pieces/Month
  • Port: Qingdao, China
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/P, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
  • Power Source: Diesel
  • Certification: ISO9001:2015
  • Type: Self-Propelled Combine Harvester
  • After-Sales Service : Engineers Available to Service Machinery Overseas
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    Soybean Combine

    This machine is suitable for soybean combine harvesting, it can harvest wheat , dry farm rice and other croppers after changing special parts. This harvester is researched and produced by our company which is mainly used for soybean harvesting. They are featured by compact structure, convenient maintenance, high production efficiency, functional reliability and other features.

    1. Sealed cab, reduce the noise, make the driver feel more comfortable, Reserve a termination to connect air conditioner or fan.
    2. Adopt automatic high-level unloading grain tank,which is suitable for different grain transportation vehicles, labor-saving and quickly unloading.

    3. With a larger water tank,and a new design radiator cover, to ensure the engine will not be high temperature after a long time working under a harsh environment.

    4. Adopt 175HP engine and new transmission components, powerful and durable.

    5. Mainly for grain harvest,if change the parts,can also be used to harvest soybean,rape,corn seed,etc.,

    6. Famous brand engine, more powerful, more economical, more energy-saving ,also be environmentally friendly.

    7. Threshing clean and low grain breakage rate,low impurities rate.



    Q1. How long is the delivery date?

    A: In general, we can ship the goods within 15 days after receiving your payment. Of course, it also depends on your quantity.

    Q2. How can I visit your factory?

    A: We are located in Zhengzhou city,middle of China,Airport&High-speed train, the transportation is very convenient

    Q3: What’s your main products?

    A: Our products are covered rice&wheat combine harvester,corn harvester and peanut harvester.

    Q4. What is your terms of payment?

    A: T/T, L/C, Paypal,Western Union

    Q5: How is the quality of the harvesrter?

    A: We are an experienced manufacturer which has been in this field for 30 more years, and can supply high quality harvesters for you.


    Packaging & Shipping

    1. We need to apart some parts from the whole machine,such as the header,cab,peeling machine,tank and so on,then it can load to the container,one 40′ high container can loading one set.

    2. We can deliver the goods to you by sea, by air, by express or by land transportation. We will try my best to make you get the goods faster and safe.


    After-Sales Service

    1. Training how to install and use the machine,engineers available to service machinery overseas.

    2. Warranty period of one year since machine arrives destination port. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self.

    3. Timely response to customers’ problems 7*24 hours, provide in time Feedback tracking and after-sales services to maximize the customer’s satisfactory.


    Parts Details

    Brake Adjustment Should Pay Attention To :

    A, adjustment

    ■ 1. The free travel of the foot brake is 15 to 30 mm. This is achieved by adjusting the bolt assembly at the top of the hydraulic master cylinder plunger. The gap between the splint friction plate and the brake disc is about 1 mm, and the gap between the brake discs of the left and right brakes is equal, which is achieved by adjusting the flower nut on the splint friction plate. The brake clearance on both sides of the brake disc should be the same. Loosen the top wire on the brake disc and adjust the axial position of the brake disc so that the single-sided clearance between the friction disc and the brake disc is about 0.5 mm.

    ■ 2. When stepping on the brake pedal, if it feels weak and weak, the pedal rebounds, and the brake does not work, this is the air entering the hydraulic brake system and needs to be exhausted. After exhausting, ensure at least 80% of JG3 brake fluid in the oil storage cup.

    ■ 3. Check the return spring to ensure that the foot brake pedal can return smoothly.

    ■ 4, often check the hand brake belt riveting and friction plate riveting situation, timely adjustment, repair and replacement.

    B, use

    ■ 1. Always check the liquid level in the oil storage cup and add it in time.

    ■ 2. Hydraulic foot brakes are mainly used for service brakes.

    ■ 3. Hand brake is mainly used for parking ramp braking and emergency braking.

    ■ 4. The air enters the hydraulic brake system and needs to be exhausted in time.

    ■ 5. When the hand brakes, be sure to pull the handle to the end and lock it.

    ■ 6, the harvester must first release the hand brake before starting.

    ■ 7. During driving, the driver’s foot should not be placed on the brake pedal all the time. 。


    Pay Attention To The Following Matters When Using The Harvester :

    ■ 1. When the harvester is working in the field, the hand throttle must be used and at the maximum state. The output power of the engine is kept to the maximum to ensure the working quality of the harvester. The harvesting speed of the harvester must not be controlled by the foot throttle.

    ■ 2. Check and adjust the throttle cable frequently to ensure that the throttle arm of the engine is at the maximum position when the throttle is at the end.

    ■ 3. When the engine is off, the foot throttle should be in an idle state. After the flame is turned off, the cable should be returned.

    ■ 4. It is not advisable to use the maximum throttle when the harvester starts. Since the engine is just starting up, the temperature is low, and the lubrication between the components is insufficient. If the large throttle is extremely likely to cause wear, pull the cylinder or burn the tile. The correct approach should be to start slightly above the idle state.

    ■ 5. Do not put the work into operation immediately after the harvester starts. After the engine is started, the water temperature starts at 40 °C, and when the temperature reaches 60 °C or higher, the whole machine can be operated and operated.

    ■ 6, Do not suddenly increase or decrease the throttle, so as not to cause the whole machine speed is high and low. Damage to the harvester main engine and engine.

    ■ 7. Avoid engaging or disengaging the main clutch in the large throttle state; when walking in the field, the walking stepless shifting wheel should be used to change the walking speed. Do not frequently shift or step the clutch.

    ■ 8. Don’t give the big throttle before the engine of the harvester is turned off.

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